Stockholder Leadership Roles in Your Cooperative

November 12, 2015 | Categories: FCS Financial News

FCS Financial is an agricultural cooperative owned by our borrowers who purchase stock that provides capital to the organization. Your stock empowers you as a member by providing you with voting rights to elect directors who oversee association operations, hire its management and establish its policies. This stock allows you to the opportunity to become a leader in your cooperative.

FCS Financial offers leadership roles on our Nominating Committee and Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee’s role is to identify, evaluate and nominate qualified candidates for the stockholder election to the Board of Directors and future Nominating Committee members. The Board of Directors is responsible for the safe and sound operation of the Association and for ensuring the Association fulfills its public mission.

It is important to fill both the Board and Nominating Committee with candidates who have a strong interest in the success of FCS Financial but also a passion for agriculture and rural Missouri. Any stockholder with voting rights can submit their name for consideration for either the Nominating Committee or Board of Directors by completing the Candidate Questionnaire form.

If you have questions about eligibility requirements or the election process, contact us at or 573-636-7809 extension 1101.

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