Private Products for Risk Management

February 9, 2018 | Categories: HeartBeat Magazine

Over the last few years declining prices have made it difficult to insure rising costs. With this decline, some producers are turning to private products to give added protection. Private products are offered by each insurance company and are not subsidized or regulated by the federal government. Each company has slightly different products, but the products can add additional coverage to a multi-peril policy in areas such as price/revenue, replant and crop hail.

Revenue Private Products: Most insurance companies have a private product that provides additional revenue coverage on corn and soybeans. These policies allow insureds to utilize different unit structures, experiment with additional price discovery periods, or provide additional protection when revenue losses are just over or under an insured’s MPCI guarantee. These policies are specific to each insurance company and only available during specific time periods in each state.

Extra Replant Coverage: Adding additional replant coverage is a great way to cover the gap between the cost of replanting and the payment from a MPCI policy. This extra coverage pairs with an underlying MPCI policy to supply added protection against the unpredictable weather that causes replant situations.

Crop Hail Products: Crop hail provides coverage against not only hail, but also mischief, fire and theft. An insured can also add additional coverage for wind, green snap and grain fire coverage. Crop hail products are sold on a dollar per hundred basis, which gives insureds the ability to personalize their policy to fit their operation.
If you are looking for ways to increase your revenue guarantee, maximize your replant coverage or protect yourself against added perils, please contact your local crop insurance specialist to discuss your options.

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