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Equipment & Facility Leases

Equipment & Facility Leases

Equipment & Facility Leases

Leasing is an increasingly popular financing option for farm vehicles, equipment, machinery and facilities (new or used). Leasing offers unique benefits to farmers not available through ownership. Our lending specialists can discuss the benefits that leasing may hold for your operation.

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Lease Types

You can decide whether a lease appears on your balance sheet. With a capital lease, you’re treated as owner of the leased equipment.

Another type of lease, the operating lease, takes equipment off your balance sheet, improving your financial ratios. Operating leases appear on your income statement as an operating expense. They’re simply a footnote on your balance sheet. Off-balance-sheet financing lowers the debt to equity ratio, raises the current ratio (liquidity), and raises return on assets (ROA).

You should consult an accountant on which type of lease is right for you.

For more information on our leasing products, contact the lending specialist nearest you.

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