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Heartland Heroes Veterans Program

Heartland Heroes Veterans Program

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Heartland Heroes is part of our commitment to former and present members of the Armed Forces of the United States. FCS Financial recognizes the vital role veterans play in protecting our country through their display of courage, honor and duty. Many have the desire to call rural Missouri their home and continue serving their country by operating their own farms. We want to help them be successful.

Funding is essential but FCS Financial realizes it is just one piece of a successful farming operation. Heartland Heroes is a program that combines credit, communication, a resource team and knowledge sharing to help veteran farmers realize their full potential.

Credit Standards

FCS Financial works with veterans by reducing owner equity requirements, providing higher loan-to-security value positions, adjusting capacity standards, and waiving initial loan fees and reimbursing a portion of FSA guarantee fees on the first loan.


FCS Financial believes communication is essential to a successful lending relationship so we offer multiple ways to stay in touch. Whether it is on-farm, in our office or online, FCS Financial is ready to serve you.

We also provide electronic newsletters to keep you current on industry news and a secure website to access your account information, transfer documents and more. Plus, you can follow us on YouTube and Twitter.

Resource Team

As a cooperative, FCS Financial is owned by our customers. Our members believe in the cooperative business model and the spirit of sharing. A resource team of existing members is available for veterans looking for local expertise, advice or feedback on many topics including row crop, forage, hay, and livestock production, rotational pasture management, backgrounding calves and more.

Knowledge Sharing

Funding, business planning, technology and risk management are vital to any successful ag operation. Heartland Heroes’ knowledge sharing component lets you choose one of three options to ensure your needs are met. Those include Farm Credit University tuition subsidization, scholarships for approved Missouri conferences or joining the Connect Course by FCS Financial. Connect is a program for young, beginning farmers that is taught by Missouri experts covering a variety of topics including credit, communication, financial factors and perils in ag. After completing the course, you will be able to develop a strategic business plan for your operation.