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Corn & Soybean fieldThe deadline for farm owners to reallocate the base acres on their farms and to update their FSA yields is Friday!

Reallocating Base Acres:
For each farm that currently has base acreage, the base acres can be kept as they presently are, or they can be reallocated to match the crops that were planted on the farm between 2009 and 2012. The farm's total base acres won't go up or down.

Updating Yields:
Each farm that has base acreage also has yields that are tied to those base crops. Along with having the option to reallocate each farm's base acreage, owners also have an opportunity to update the FSA yield on the base crops on their farm. To do this, owners can certify the actual yields from the farm during years 2008-2012. These yields will then be averaged and the owner will get the higher of: 90% of this average, or the current FSA yield on the farm. There is no disadvantage to updating the farm's yields - everyone is encouraged to update their farm's yields, even if they aren't interested in reallocating their base acres.

To take advantage of this opportunity, be sure to contact your local FSA office before Friday's deadline!
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