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6 reasons to call your FCS Financial crop insurance specialist today.

1. Reporting in Timely Manner

If you are certain you will have a loss, file a claim now. Policy provisions require you to report a claim 72 hours after discovery of damage but no later than 15 days after harvest of the unit.

2. Preparing for $200,000 Reviews

A claim that exceeds $200,000 (calculated per crop, per county) will require an APH review of the previous 3 years. You will be required to provide evidence of your grain production for those years with elevator settlement sheets, feed records, bin measurements, etc. If you think you may reach this level, contact your agent to begin preparing for the audit process.

3. Aflatoxin and Other Quality Adjustments

If you suspect aflatoxin, samples must be taken direct from the field by an adjuster to be tested by a licensed third-party grader. The test must be paid for by the insured at the time the sample is taken and elevator samples will not be accepted. Adjustments to other quality issues, including low test weight, should be discussed with an adjuster.

4. Adjusters

The insurance adjusters are busy this year. You can help the process by having grain tickets/settlement sheets separated and identified by unit/farm.

5. Commingling Production

Existing 2011 production in a bin must be measured by an adjuster before any 2012 production can be commingled for on-farm storage in any loss situation. If you plan to commingle 2012 production in a bin from more than one unit, you must mark the grain levels for each unit according to your adjuster’s instructions.

6. Abandoning, Destroying, Chopping, Baling

If you plan on abandoning, destroying, chopping or baling a crop, you must contact your agent and be cleared by the insurance company before proceeding.

Visit the Educational Materials page to see the short videos from our crop insurance specialists for more information regarding this claim season or call 1-800-444-3276 to talk with an FCS Financial specialist.

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