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Accurate reporting is required by Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) rules and severe penalties are implemented for misreported liability. The liability is determined by the acreage shown in your report. Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) reporting needs to match your Farm Service Agency (FSA) reporting for all crops on your FSA 578’s or producer printout.

10 tips to help you report correctly:

  1. An MPCI policy requires you to report all acreage of crops, both insurable and uninsurable in which you have a share. This also includes prevented and late planted acreages. Zero planted acreage must also be reported.

  2. Additional acreage or added land must be reported with FSA farm numbers, legal description and crop shares. Please contact your agent prior to July 15 if you have crops planted on land (other than CRP land released in the past two years) that has not been cropped the last three years. New breaking written agreements must be completed and submitted for consideration of approval no later than the July 15 acreage reporting date.

  3. An acreage report must be filed for every policy even if you have no share in the crops for 2014.

  4. Providing the date of initial planting for each acreage is required. If any acreage was planted after the final plant date these acres need to be reported separately due to the late plant reduction in guarantee.

  5. Prevented planting (PP) acreages need to be shown on the report as PP even though you may have already reported as a claim.

  6. Ownership share should always be double checked for each unit to make sure the preprinted share information is still correct for all units and you have noted any changes.

  7. Remember to report to FSA as the same operating entity/individual as the one used for your MPCI crop policy. If not, you may not have coverage.

  8. All acreage reports need to be completed, signed, dated and returned to your agent prior to or no later than July 15. The report needs to be signed by the named insured or the authorized person for the policy or entity.

  9. Always contact your agent if you have questions.

  10. Always review your schedule of insurance immediately after you receive it. Sometimes corrections can be made or requested if an error is determined.

Note: Pending claims cannot be paid until your acreage report is completed and processed.
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