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Who Qualifies

Who Qualifies

FCS Financial has a full range of loan products available for farmers, rural homeowners, rural property owners and agricultural related businesses. The extent to which financing can be provided can vary by the type of operation and location.

Rural Home & Property Financing Eligibility

You don’t have to have farm income or farm assets to participate.

Rural home financing is available to rural residents, those who want to be rural residents and farmers. You don’t have to have farm income or farm assets to participate. If the property or home-site you desire is located in a rural area, you are eligible for financing. If you have no farm income, the property must be in open country, or within a Missouri city or town of 2,500 or less.

Farm & Agricultural Financing Eligibility

To qualify for farm and agricultural financing, you must:

  • Be a farm producer, own agricultural land, or be engaged in the production of agricultural products, and
  • Generate or have the ability to generate annual gross farm income (on a sustained basis) of at least $500.

We serve a broad range of producers, from commercial sized businesses to part-time operations to lifestyle farmers. Applicants whose primary business is farming are eligible for a wide range of financing needs. If 50 percent or more of your income or assets are farm related, you qualify as a full-time farmer. We can finance just about anything for a full-time farmer.

Others who produce ag income, but rely upon off-farm employment or other sources of income, are generally classified as small farmers. You are eligible to borrow from FCS Financial for a range of needs. However, in some situations the scope of our lending programs is restricted based upon the amount of farming you do. Contact our lending specialists to learn more about the farm and agricultural financing options we provide.