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Who is FCS Financial?

FCS Financial is dedicated to supporting agriculture and rural communities. We serve more than 27,000 qualified member-owners in Missouri. We provide loans, leases and related services to farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners, aquatic producers, timber harvesters, agribusinesses, and agricultural and rural utility cooperatives. FCS Financial is a member of the Farm Credit System. Established in 1916 by Congress, the System provides more than one-third of the credit needed by those who live and work in rural America. With more than 100 years of agricultural lending experience, the Farm Credit System is the largest single provider of agricultural credit in the United States.

How is FCS Financial different from other lenders?

For more than 100 years FCS Financial has been solely dedicated to helping farmers, ranchers and rural communities. We understand the cyclical nature of agriculture, and our customers know they can depend on FCS Financial’s expertise and commitment in good times and bad.

Our cooperative structure is important to members because it means they have a say in how FCS Financial does business. Our member-owners elect the board of directors to represent them and ensure the safety of their cooperative. A portion of the earnings retained by FCS Financial are often returned in the form of patronage to member-owners.

The Farm Credit System’s size, structure and performance have earned it the worldwide support of investors who continue to finance U.S. agriculture and rural America by purchasing Systemwide Debt Securities.

Where can I find the candidate questionnaire for the Board of Directors or Nominating Committee?

Express your interest in becoming a member of the Board of Directors or Nominating Committee by completing the Candidate Questionnaire.

How is FCS Financial helping young and beginning farmers?

For generations we’ve been providing financing to farmers and ranchers. Many of our employees come from farm families. As a result, we are dedicated to helping young, beginning and small producers.

Our Connect program is a comprehensive program, designed to help young producers get started on the right foot and continue to grow and succeed.

Does FCS Financial offer services other than loans to farmers and ranchers?

We believe – and more importantly, our members believe – that insurance and our other related services are important realities in rural and agricultural life. FCS Financial has helped farmers keep going in the face of personal and natural disasters through our insurance programs.

We are proud to offer our members a diverse range of products and services to help ensure the health and well-being of Missouri agriculture.

Why should farmers rely on FCS Financial?
  1. FCS Financial is member-owned. We are focused on and responsive to the needs of those we serve.
  2. We are reliable. We’re there when our members need us.
  3. We are competitive. Farmers have a choice in meeting their financial needs.
  4. We are knowledgeable. Producers and rural businesses can depend on us to understand their operations and to provide expert services tailored to meet their particular needs.
  5. We are passionate. FCS Financial people are dedicated and care deeply about improving the quality of life in rural Missouri and on the farm. That’s why we exist and it’s why FCS Financial employees come to work every day.
Who is eligible for FCS Financial financing?

We provide a full range of products and services for farmers, ag-related businesses and those people who simply want to live in rural areas. Our service area includes 102 Missouri counties. See our Locations map to find a local office.

I live outside of Missouri but am looking for property in Missouri. Can FCS Financial help me?

Yes. FCS Financial serves Missouri residents as well as those who want to purchase Missouri property. Make sure the Missouri property you wish to purchase is located in one of our 102 eligible counties.

How do I find an office in my area?

Visit our Locations map to find directions and contact information to the nearest FCS Financial office.

Can I register for e-mail alerts?

Of course! Register to receive our e-newsletter to stay on top of events and information that affect you. Subscribe here.

I want to purchase property for hunting. Can FCS Financial help me?

Yes, our recreational property loans are developed for this exact situation. Contact an FCS Financial loan officer to discuss terms and details.

Can I apply for a loan online?

All loans (real estate, equipment, etc.) should begin with a quick rate quote. After completing the quick rate quote, a member of our team will be in contact with you regarding your loan needs.

Can I make my payment online?

Yes. Enroll to access your account online and you will be able to make payments as well as transfer funds from your FCS Financial operating loan.

How do I submit a request for an error resolution?

Please send us a written request that sets out your name, information that allows us to identify your mortgage loan account (for example, loan number), and the alleged error. The written request can be sent by email message to – – or by regular mail to FCS Financial, Loan Document Services, 1934 E. Miller Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101.

We will contact you to let you know that we have received your request. After we complete our review of your request and information on your mortgage loan, we will send you a follow-up communication.

How do I make a Request for Information?

Please send us a written request that sets out your name, information that allows us to identify your mortgage loan account (for example, loan number), and the information related to your mortgage loan that you are requesting. The written request can be sent by email message to – – or by regular mail to FCS Financial, Loan Document Services, 1934 E. Miller Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101.

We will contact you to let you know that we have received your request. After we complete our review of your request and information on your mortgage loan, we will send you a follow-up communication.

What is the FCS Financial Patronage Program?

The patronage program is a feature of FCS Financial’s status as a cooperative. We share our profits with our member-owners in the form of patronage. The board of directors votes each year based on the cooperative’s earnings whether to make a patronage declaration. Since the program was implemented in 2006, we have returned more than $292 million to our member-owners.

Who is eligible for the 2023 patronage program?

Typically, all member-owner loans that were capitalized in 2023 by stock or participation certificates are eligible for patronage, except in the following circumstances:

  • Loan is in non-accrual status and past due at the end of the year;
  • Loan has been partially or fully charged off; and/or
  • Loan has a dollar or less of average daily balance.

For details on how the 2023 Patronage Program applies to large loan accounts, contact your FCS Financial loan professional.

How much will FCS Financial disburse in patronage this year?

From 2023 earnings, we disbursed more than $41.2 million. Since 2006, we have disbursed more than $292 million.

Do insurance-only customers qualify for patronage?

No, those who only have crop insurance relationships with us do not qualify for patronage. Insurance law prevents us from distributing insurance income directly to the member-owner who generates that income.

Do lease member-owners qualify for patronage?

Leases originated in participation with Farm Credit Leasing do not qualify for the patronage program.

How much will my patronage check be?

Patronage payments are based on the amount of net interest margin generated on an eligible member-owner’s financing during the calendar year for which the patronage is calculated. So while each eligible member-owner’s payment will be different, those who have more loan volume outstanding for the full calendar year with us will tend to benefit more from the patronage program. However, all eligible member-owners will receive a minimum amount of $20.

Does the patronage program pay out capital that has been earned over a number of years from long-time member-owners?

No. The tax code governing patronage programs requires that current year earnings be distributed to the member-owners who generated the earnings in that year. Capital that has been accumulated from prior years’ earnings cannot be distributed through a tax-qualified patronage program.

When will the 2023 patronage checks be distributed?

The 2023 cash patronage checks will be available at the FCS Financial office that services your loan beginning March 19, 2024.

Who will be the payee on the patronage check?

The patronage check will be made payable only to the primary member-owner as reflected in the association’s records.

Is the cash patronage payment taxable?

Yes. The cash patronage payment is taxable and eligible member-owners should generally include the cash patronage payment in their 2024 taxable income. We encourage you to consult with your tax advisor about your specific situation. Non-corporate member-owners will receive an IRS 1099-PAT form early in 2025 for the cash patronage paid in 2024. IRS regulations do not require the distribution of 1099-PAT for corporations.

Why is FCS Financial paying patronage especially considering the current economic environment?

We pay patronage because we are a cooperative that shares its profits with its members. When you finance through us, you become a member of our cooperative and may be eligible to receive the benefit of patronage.

The economic environment was considered by the board when they made the decision to pay patronage. At the end of each year, the board carefully reviews our financial situation and the business plan projections before deciding to pay patronage. Based on the level of net earnings generated in 2023 and our financial strength, the board determined we could pay patronage for 2023.

Will FCS Financial pay patronage next year from the association's 2024 net earnings?

Our focus is to proactively manage the business for the positive outcome of our member-owners and the organization. Whether that outcome is to pay patronage or to retain those earnings in capital will be a board decision made at the end of 2024 after our financial results for the year are known. Future distributions will continue to balance our growth, earnings and other business conditions. For this reason, we cannot guarantee patronage payments for any given year.

Why doesn't FCS Financial lower interest rates and eliminate the patronage program?

FCS Financial is a member of the Farm Credit System that is funded through the sale of bonds on the open market. The sale of those bonds is the primary driver of FCS Financial’s rates.

Our intent is to offer competitive rates and patronage. While rates are determined by the open market, patronage is determined by FCS Financial’s board based on year-end profitability. Strong leadership and good business management by both the association and its member-owners make that possible. The board of directors analyzes the actual year-end results to responsibly determine the amount of cash patronage to be returned to member-owners.

Why doesn't FCS Financial distribute all of its earnings in cash?

Retained earnings not distributed for cash patronage help us build the necessary capital to fund future growth and the development of new products and services our member-owners need to succeed in the future. A strong capital position strengthens our ability to withstand the economic cycles in agriculture.

How does the patronage program benefit FCS Financial?

The cash patronage program benefits us by reinforcing our cooperative status, maintaining member-owner relationships, and differentiating us from other competitors in the marketplace.

Will FCS Financial pay cash patronage every year?

We cannot guarantee a patronage payment every year. If a patronage distribution is declared in future years, the amount and specifics of the program will be determined at the end of each year based on a variety of business and economic factors. Future distributions will continue to balance our growth, earnings and other business conditions. It is the board’s intent to run the business soundly for the benefit of all members and rural America.

Mobile App
What security features are in place to protect my account information on my mobile device?

FCS Financial takes the security of your financial information very seriously. Nothing will be stored on your device including pictures taken to make remote payments. We also use fraud analyst software. However, we urge you to be cautious while submitting payments. Follow these guidelines to help ensure the safety of your payment items and to protect your account.

  • Always remember to treat your mobile device with the same care as you do your personal computer.
  • Avoid storing sensitive information like passwords and Social Security numbers on your mobile device.
  • Password protect your mobile device and lock it when you’re not using it.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t type any sensitive information if others around you can see.
  • Protect your phone from viruses and malware just like you do for your computer by installing mobile security software.
  • Download the updates for your phone and mobile apps.
  • Use discretion when downloading apps.
  • Monitor your accounts regularly and report suspicious activity to your association immediately.
  • Always sign off completely when you finish using the app rather than just closing your browser.
Can I update my password on the mobile device?

The password reset must be managed through the website and not inside the app, but the ‘forgot password’ link in the mobile app takes you to the website for ease of use. 

What requirements are necessary before I can use the Mobile Banking app?

You will need:

  • To be enrolled in FCS Financial’s Online Banking. Enroll through My Access Plus at;
  • To log in one time, via the website, to activate access through Online Banking inside My Access Plus;
  • To add your current cell phone number to your account information data (either through enrollment, or Personal Profile page in Online Banking via the web);
  • A smartphone or iPad tablet that can download the app or access the web.
Are there special measures to take when photographing my check for remote payment?

When taking a picture of the item, place it on a dark surface and follow the guidelines provided in the app. Make sure there is enough light and that your hand remains steady to ensure a clear picture. Items must be endorsed on the back and the app looks for black or blue ink. An endorsement stamp may not be recognized and so it may be necessary for you to write “For Payment Only” in ink to complete the process. The item must be in U.S. funds drawn from a valid U.S. account having a nine digit routing number.

When will my payment be posted to my account?

Payments made prior to 4:30 p.m. Central Time on a business day will be posted to the account same day. Any payments made after that time will be posted on the next business day. 

Where can I download the Mobile Banking app?
Are there special concerns I need to be aware of regarding the use of mobile apps that use remote payment capabilities to capture an image of a check?

Yes, in general, you are responsible for maintaining control over the proper use of the service, as well as the original paper items used. You need to retain the original paper items, for a minimum retention period of five calendar days, but no longer than 14 calendar days, after they have been transmitted. This provides sufficient time if there is an issue with the image quality or if the original item is required for any other reason. You are required to securely destroy the original paper items, after the retention period to ensure they are not accidentally submitted again. Do not leave submitted items lying around, and do not put them in trash or recycle containers unless they have been shredded first.

My Access Plus
What is My Access Plus?

My Access Plus is a secure site used to share confidential information with our customers. Through My Access Plus, you can access online banking, share documents with your loan officer, set up alerts specific to your loans, and more.

Is the system secure?

Yes. We use advanced encryption technology to ensure your information stays safe and secure. Only you and those you designate have access to your accounts. We strongly suggest you do not share your account access information with anyone. Internally, we implement strict policies and procedures to safeguard your personal information and maintain your confidentiality.

What if I want to access my loan accounts from a different computer or location like a library or hotel?

If you use a different or public computer, you will be prompted to answer additional challenge questions. Be sure to log out and close the browser window after completing your session.

I do not remember my username and/or password. What should I do?

Click on the Forgot Username or Forgot Password link for assistance.

I have locked myself out of My Access Plus. What should I do?

Call Customer Support at 866-450-2308 during regular business hours (Monday-Thursday, 8am-6pm, and Friday 8am-5pm) or email us at

What is the "I would like to..." box on the right side of the screen?

The “I would like to…” menu is displayed on most screens and offers quick access to the most commonly used activities in My Access Plus. Use these links to complete various tasks and actions.

Where and how do I change my password or email address?

After you log in to My Access Plus, choose the Profile tab to change your password or email address.

What else can I do under the Profile tab?

The Profile tab allows you to:

  • Change your challenge questions.
  • Update your email address.
  • Change your personal identification image and phrase.
  • Change your password.
  • Discover services exclusive to FCS Financial customers. Just click on the tab and enter your FCS Financial loan or crop insurance information. You will want to have a current bill or crop insurance policy on hand.
How do I access Online Account Access?

To use online banking, you will enroll or login to My Access Plus from the FCS Financial home page.

  1. To enroll go to the FCS Financial home page, click the My Access Plus Secure Login, then click Enroll Now! and follow the steps.
  2. If you are already enrolled in My Access Plus, from the home page click My Access Plus Secure Login and enter your username to begin. Your username and password are the same but you will be prompted to answer new security questions. 
What is the Personal Identification image and phrase?

Personal identification is an added layer of security to ensure that you are logging into My Access Plus and not a site that is trying to access your username and password. The image and phrase will display on the password page each time you log in to My Access Plus. If you do not see the image you selected or a different image appears, check the URL or web address you are using to access the portal. Look for a lock near the URL or to see if the URL begins with https. Then contact Customer Support at 866-540-2308 or

What is the Preferences tab?

Preferences let you choose how you want to use various features inside My Access Plus. Here you will find the Alerts page so you can set up email or text alerts to let you know of an upcoming loan maturity date, when your operating loan available funds reach a certain amount or if you’ve received a secure document from FCS Financial. You can also add additional email and mobile numbers.

What is the Secure Document Exchange tab?

The Secure Document Exchange tab allows the exchange of confidential files such as tax information and balance sheets between you and FCS Financial. Alerts are automatically set when you enroll in My Access Plus as a customer. By default, the primary email address provided will receive the alert when new documents are exchanged.

What is the Forms tab?

Under Forms you will find loan application, balance sheet and earnings statement forms. They are available in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF formats.

What is the Loan Application tab?

Under the Loan Application tab, you can apply for a loan with FCS Financial. After providing the details of your request, FCS Financial will review and contact you.

What is the Statements tab?

Under the Statements tab, you will find your FCS Financial annual statements, current year’s monthly statements and most recent bills. You can then select the statement or bill you would like to review. You will also find your 1098/1099 tax documents.

What is the Online Banking?

Online banking is a free service from FCS Financial that allows you to access your account information and make various transactions. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What features does Online Account Access offer?

You can:

  • Retrieve copies of draft images online.
  • Make loan payments and deposits to funds held.
  • Transfer money to or from other financial institutions.
  • Easily access your accounts across all devices.
  • Link business and personal accounts .
  • Use with Quicken and Quickbooks for easy accounting.
  • Automate transfers from your operating line of credit.
How do I check my account balance?

After entering the Online Banking tab from My Access Plus, an account summary is shown on the home page. This summary shows all accounts including  balance, amount due, and due date for each account.

How current is my account information?

Online Banking offers you balance and transactions as of the previous business day. Transactions initiated in the system will be available for viewing and modification within the transaction summary area until the transaction is processed. You must complete all transactions by 4:30p.m. Central Standard Time to have them register for the next business day. Draft images are not seen online in the draft summary until day two.

How do I add a bank account?

To initiate a Transfer to make a payment or disbursement in Online Banking, you must have an Operating Line, a Farm Cash Management (FCM) account or an external bank account. The initial external account setup utilizes micro deposits to validate ownership of the account. This will require an additional day to finish the setup.

  1. From the Online Banking summary page, select Transfers and External Accounts
  2. On the External Accounts screen, select Add External Account
  3. Fill in the Routing Number, Account Number, Account Nickname, and Account Type (checking or savings).
  4. Click SUBMIT
  5. Once you are back on the External Accounts screen, you will see the account you created with the VERIFY link on the right. Two small ACH’s will be deposited and withdrawn to the account you setup. The micro deposits are initiated on same day you create the account as long as you initiate before the 5 p.m. CST cut off time. If not today, it will be sent on the next business day. The deposits should be delivered one business day after they were sent.
  6. When the two amounts hit your external account, you will need to log back in to the FCS Financial Online Banking system, go to Transfers, External Accounts, and click the VERIFY link. You will then be prompted to enter the two amounts that were sent to your external account. These amounts do NOT have to be in any particular order.
  7. Once the amounts are verified, you will have access to this account on the Transfers screen to move money or make payments.

Note: The microdeposits do not affect your loan. They are processed through an FCS Financial account.

How do I make a payment?

To make a payment, you can use the Pay Now option under the Accounts tab or the Create/Edit Transfers under the Transfer tab. Pay Now is the fastest and easiest way to make a payment on multiple accounts, right now. If you would like to schedule a fixed payment on a specific day or on recurring basis, then the Create/Edit Transfers option is what you are looking for.

  1. To pay your FCS Financial account through Pay Now, click Accounts, then Pay Now tab at the top of the Home Page. All accounts with Payments Due are automatically selected. If you choose not to pay one or more of the accounts, unselect those accounts. You can add extra principal to this payment to be applied as a Special Principal payment. For loans with a pre-payment penalty product, fees may be charged to the payment.
  2. To use the Create/Edit Transfer, select the From account from which you would like to disburse from. This can be an external account, FCM account, or an operating line with funds available.
  3. Next, select the To account for the account you wish to have funds applied to. This can be any account(internal or external) as long as it is not the same loan in the From drop down.
  4. Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer. If an amount is shown in the Fixed Payment box, this is the current amount owed or in billing for the account selected in the To Account. You can select to change the payment amount or use the Principal Only or Interest Only options. Principal and Interest only will only be available when no amounts are in billing. Principal Only amounts are applied as a Special Principal Payment.
  5. Select the Scheduling Option.
  • Current day is only available for transfers that involve an FCS Financial loan in the From account and the To account. 7:30 CST is the cut off for current day transfers.
  • One time is available for internal and external accounts and can be used with tomorrows date or a different date in the future with the payment types selected above.
  • Recurring is available for internal or external accounts and is used to schedule a transfer date in the future with a recurring frequency.
  1. Add a description to the transfer for reference purposes only.
  2. Pending transactions will appear on the Transfer Activity tab under Transfers. Pending transactions can be deleted prior to cut off time for that transaction type. Pay Now transactions cannot be cancelled and will show as pending on the Account Activity tab under Accounts.
How do I view account and transaction details?

The Accounts Summary Screen displays a summary of all your accounts - Loans and Farm Cash Management investment accounts. When a payment is past due, it is displayed in bold red type.

  1. To view an account, click on the Account Nickname or select Accounts then Account Activity. A view of your loan transactions will be visible and specific. Account Details will be shown in the right hand Info bubble.
  2. You can customize the transactions visible by selecting More Search Options. There are multiple filter options available to be used to view specific transactions.
  3. You can also print the Account Transactions by selecting More Search Options and then selecting the Printer Friendly icon in the lower middle of the screen. You can download the Account Transactions by selecting the Spreadsheet link below the SEARCH button.
  4. Additional instructions and features can be found in the Help(?) section at the top right of the screen.
How do I view draft images?

You can view draft information on the Account Activity tab.

  1. To view Account Activity, select Accounts and then Account Activity.
  2. Sight drafts are listed in the Account Activity, and a link next the draft number will be visible. Click on the link to view images of paid drafts. You will need to enable popups for this website if your web browser blocks them.
  3. A PDF of your draft will appear in a new window, showing both the front and back of the draft. Simply close the window when you are finished.
  4. Account Activity will display the last 13 months of history.
What is Pay Now?

Pay Now is a quick, simple way to view pending bills and make payments with just a few clicks. After clicking on the Online Banking tab in My Access Plus, select the Pay Now tab in the main navigation bar. 
You must have an external account linked to your online banking account and a loan that is currently in billing for the Pay Now application to open. You will be prompted if those requirements are not met.

  1. Log into the FCS Financial’s My Access Plus and click on online banking. 
  2. Click Accounts and then Pay Now. You will need to enable pop-ups for this website if your web browser blocks them.
  3. Select the accounts you wish to pay and the bank account you wish to use for payment.
  4. Click on Submit and Confirm. You will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.
  5. The Pay Now transactions will be listed as Pending in the Account Details tab.
How do I export transactions for Quicken or QuickBooks?

You can export transaction information for use in Quicken or QuickBooks.

  1. To select transactions for export, click Accounts, then WebConnect
  2. Select the account you wish to export transactions from
  3. Enter the starting date and ending date for the transactions you would like to export
  4. Select Download for Quicken to create a file download to be used in Quicken

Select Download for QuickBooks to create a file download to be used in QuickBooks

How can I get help with My Access Plus?

Support is available during regular business hours (Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) by calling 866-450-2308 or email us at

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