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Unsolicited Mail

Is this mail really from FCS Financial?

You are an FCS Financial member-owner, maybe a new member-owner or maybe you've been a member-owner for decades. Suddenly, you’re receiving postcards or one-page mailers that resemble junk mail but look like they’re from FCS Financial. They may even have your loan amount, address and the date the deed of trust was filed. What’s going on?

First, FCS Financial did not sell your information to anyone. We don’t do that. We keep all member-owner transactions and business transactions confidential. Additionally, FCS Financial did not send these postcards or one-page mailers either.

How did they get my information?

We understand receiving these mailers is frustrating. The sender obtained your address and information from the deed of trust that is filed at your County Recorder’s office when your loan closes and becomes public information. While your address and information are obtained legally, these mailers are often trying to mislead you into taking an action that leads to refinancing your loan with their organization or purchasing a product you don’t need.

How can I tell who this is from?

  1. We will never contact you about your loan by mailing you a postcard with all your information on it for the world to see.
  2. Look for the fine print. In the example below, the arrow points to the fine print which says "All information provided by H.W.C, 888-865-1774. Not affiliated with, sponsored by, and loan information not provided by FCS FINANCIAL FCLA." 

    example of a piece of misleading mail

  3. Call your loan officer. If you are concerned about a piece of mail you receive, call your loan officer or local office. Do not call any phone number on the mail you receive.

What should you do with these mailers?

Throw them away or shred them. Your loan with FCS Financial remains the same as long as you don’t take any of the actions the mailer asks you to do. The text often has a message of urgency like, “if you don’t call immediately, you will miss this offer” or “call now to get this deal” or “time is almost up.” They add these “warnings” to make the matter appear urgent, knowing that people will often rush to take action without thinking it through or calling their lender to verify authenticity.

The companies sending these are not affiliated with FCS Financial in any way and we encourage you to throw away the mailings. If you ever have any questions, contact a local office or your loan officer directly.

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