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FCS Financial is an active member of Missouri Farmers Care.

2014 was another big year for Missouri Farmers Care as years of work and preparation paid off with a victory on Amendment #1, the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment. Missouri Farmers Care also continued and expanded its nonprofit activities with Ag Education on the Move and our State Fair food drive reaching new heights.

MO Farmers Care Interns working with school kids.Ag Education on the Move is Missouri Farmer’s Care in-classroom agriculture education program for third grade students across the state. Led by Luella Fischer, the program trains intern-educators, who are often ag education students at Missouri universities, to teach third graders across the state about how their food is raised. Ag Education on the move has been such a success that that the demand for the program is already outpacing our ability to supply intern-educators. Missouri Farmers Care began Ag Education on the Move in 2013, expanded it in 2014, and we are looking forward to further expanding the program in 2015. With expansion of the program and new partnerships with leading Missouri universities, we hope to reach suburban and urban students, teachers, and parents and educate them about how the food they enjoy is raised and cared for by committed farmers from every corner of Missouri.

MO Farmers Care 4-H CanstructionMissouri Farmers Care also continued our long-standing involvement with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Missouri State Fair in 2014. These programs help us reach hundreds of thousands of Missourians with a message that they do not get to hear enough: your food is raised by farmers that care about their land and their animals. Our Missouri Farmers Care Food Drive day at the State Fair also gives us the opportunity to give back to the community and help feed food-insecure Missourians through a unique partnership with Canstruction ® Mid-Missouri, Ford, and Bing’s grocery store of Sedalia. In 2013 we built a super-sized version of the FFA logo out of cans donated by Bing’s and in 2014 we continued our focus on youth in agriculture by partnering with Missouri 4-H and building an even larger structure.

On the policy side of Missouri Farmers Care, 2014 was our biggest year yet. With passage of HJR 7&11 through the 2013 general assembly, the stage was set for voters to approve Amendment #1, the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment. While we knew that animal-rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) would oppose this amendment because of their longstanding opposition to agriculture, we saw up close how far these groups are willing to go to stop farming rights. After a hard-fought year-long campaign, Amendment #1 passed in August. HSUS-backed groups in Missouri challenged the election in a recount that they knew would be fruitless and cost the state money. Missouri agriculture once again circled the wagons and fielded election observers and volunteers in every local election authority in the state and ensured a fair and accurate recount that reaffirmed the will of the voters and settled Amendment #1 as part of the state’s highest law. While HSUS’ Missouri operatives have filed a lawsuit in a vain attempt to overturn the law, we are once again confident that the voters’ will will stand.

Missouri Farmers Care has accomplished a great deal in recent years while doubling membership and expanding nonprofit programs. Watch this space for future updates and connect with us online at, @MOFarmersCare on Twitter, and at our Facebook page,
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