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About FCS Financial

About FCS Financial

For more than 100 years, we’ve been providing lending opportunities and financial services to farmers, farm-related businesses and anyone who simply enjoys the smaller, rural community lifestyle. But the truth is we’re more than experts in rural financing. We’re experts in rural living. Most of us grew up on farms or in rural communities. And many of us still farm today. We understand it because we live it.

Headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri, FCS Financial has 21 branch offices located throughout the state of Missouri to serve you. We are a $3 billion organization with more than 15,000 members. FCS Financial is a member of the Farm Credit System.  The system is a nationwide network of cooperative lending institutions that provides credit and financial services to farmers, ranchers, rural residents and agribusinesses. The Farm Credit System is the largest single provider of agricultural credit in the United States.

Borrower Eligibility

FCS Financial has a full range of loan products available for farmers, rural homeowners and agricultural related businesses. The extent to which financing can be provided can vary by the type of operation and location. Find out if you qualify.

Cooperative and Stock Requirements

FCS Financial’s district bank is AgriBank, FCB, and provides loan funds for the association to lend funds to members in its retail market.

Our financial reports and ongoing accounting practices are reviewed by an independent auditor. The auditor’s opinion is included as part of the annual report. In addition to the independent audit, we maintain in-house audit functions with periodic review of key functions by an audit committee of the board. See the FCS Financial Audit Committee Charter to learn more.

FCS Financial is an agricultural cooperative owned by our borrowers who purchase stock which provides capital to the organization. The capital is used to secure funding for the farm credit bonds which provide the funding for the loans we make. Additionally, because we’re a primary lender, not an agent for another lender, we can access money at highly competitive rates. Member investment in FCS Financial ensures a continuous, dependable, source of credit for agriculture and rural homeowners with availability of money during all economic cycles of agriculture.

Your stock also empowers you as a member providing you with voting rights to elect directors who oversee association operations, hire its management and establish its policies. As a result, stock assures that FCS Financial will stay focused on meeting the needs of the members who are actively borrowing. Learn more about becoming a stockholder leader in the Association.

For details regarding the FCS Financial stock requirements, please read our Notice to Borrowers Concerning Their Investment.  For more information, please contact us.