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  • Notify your agent to turn in a claim notice within 72 hours (3 days) of when you discover damage to the crop. Depending on the severity of the damage, indicate if an immediate inspection is needed for destroying or replanting acreage. Protect the crop from further damage by providing sufficient care (as you would do if no damage occurred)

  • Notify your agent before destroying any of the crop not to be harvested as grain (e.g., mowing, baling, chopping, pasturing, disking, etc.).

  • Ask if you should leave strips for company inspection. If destroying or replanting prior to claims adjuster inspection, strips are required. Leave representative strips for inspection for at least 15 days after you notify your agent, and until we approve destruction/harvest of the strips. Strips should be representative of each field, and at least 10 feet wide for the entire length of each field, with 1 representative strip for each 10 acres in the field.

  • Keep production from each unit separate. Do not commingle grain from different units. If weighing, weigh the production from each unit separately.

  • You need to supply acceptable production records by unit. It works best if you obtain and make any needed copies prior to inspection/visit by a claims adjuster.

  • Aflatoxin – Corn must be tested by a company adjuster PRIOR to going into the bin or being sold. The adjuster cannot pull a sample from the bin. Tests have to be run by an independent laboratory. If you suspect aflatoxin problems, please call your agent as soon as possible.

  • Asian Soybean Rust is a covered peril, however good farming practices and documentation of actions taken toward prevention and treatment should be followed. If you suspect rust, please contact your agent as soon as possible.

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