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Ag Youth Program

Ag Youth Program

FCS Financial’s Ag Youth Program is part of our commitment to Young, Beginning and Small Farmers. Aimed specifically at Missouri 4-H and FFA members, the program provides interest-free funds for qualifying projects repayable within one year.

The program assists students by providing financial aid and educational assistance. Our goal is to emphasize the importance of accurate records, budgeting and honoring obligations to repay – setting up the future farmer or rancher with the tools, skills and contacts to move forward into a rewarding and successful agricultural career.

Project Limits

Cattle – $2,000 max.
Goats – $1,000 max.
Horticulture – $2,000 max.
Poultry – $500 max.
Rabbits – $250 max.
Sheep – $1,000 max.
Shop – $2,000 max.
Swine – $1,000 max.

Who can apply?

FCS Financial’s Ag Youth Program is open to all Missouri 4-H and FFA members in one of the 102 counties served by FCS Financial.

What are the guidelines?

Funds may only be used for the project specified in the application. Each student must keep accurate records and a detailed cash flow statement available for FCS Financial to review upon request. At the end of the project, funds must be repaid.

How is the program set up?

Funds are available for one project per year, per student. Exceptions may be made with FCS Financial loan officer approval. Advances are made payable to the student and parent or guardian.

How do I apply?

Complete the agreement and submit it with a detailed projected cash flow, along with a photo authorization, to the nearest FCS Financial office. You can find your local office by visiting our locations map, then entering your county to find the office that serves your area. A parent and adult club supervisor must sign the application so don’t forget to get all the proper signatures.

If you have questions, call 1-800-444-3276 or email