Pair it with Jowler Creek Wine

August 31, 2017 | Categories: HeartBeat Magazine

Chambourcin — A delicious, light-bodied red wine with just a hint of oak. Enjoy it with your light summer supper.

Norton — Missouri’s first sustainable wine. Its rich cherry flavor and oaky characteristics make it the perfect mate with a KC strip steak, smoked meat or chocolate.

Traminette — This semi-dry white wine combines floral scents with hints of pear and tea leaf flavors. Pair it with seafood, chicken or fresh salads.

Vignoles — This semi-sweet wine is rather exotic and loaded with tropical flavors of pineapple, apricot and honey. It’s the perfect mate to a lunch out on the deck or a hot and spicy supper.

Butterfly Bush — This semi-sweet blush is bursting with berry fruit flavors and finishes with a flutter of sweetness. Pair it with Swiss cheese, chicken or angel food cake!

Red Cock-a-Doodle-Do — This sweet red wine has savory and smoky undertones, make it the perfect pairing with Kansas City BBQ, spicy chicken wings and fried fish!

Muskrato de Missouri — Like Moscato d’Asti? You’ll love this locally-made version with just a hint of bubbly. Enjoy with brunch, desserts or spicy Asian cuisine.

Nort — Like Port? You’ll love our locally-made version that uses Missouri’s Norton grapes. It begs to be sipped with chocolate desserts or blue cheese.

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