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GrainBridge Information

GrainBridge Information

corn field in the morningGrainBridge

Risk Management Software

FCS Financial provides tools to help our customers efficiently manage their farm and agribusinesses. The latest tool we are offering to our customers is GrainBridge. This risk management software can help you manage every component of your livestock or row crop business. There is no charge for FCS Financial loan or crop insurance customers to use this tool.

Would you like to be able to answer the following questions? GrainBridge can help you do that. Complete this form to become a registered user.

  • How do you manage and evaluate risk on your farm?
  • Do you know if you are profitable with today’s current prices?
  • Do you struggle to manage the many components of price risk including cash sales, futures, options and insurance?
  • Are you looking for an easy way to manage profitability in volatile markets?
  • Would you like to create reports showing your profit and break even targets compared to current market prices?

How will it help me?

Using GrainBridge, I know exactly what my total costs are, not just my inputs. That lets me take advantage of a market change. – Remington Pierce, FCS Financial Customer & GrainBridge User

View screenshots from GrainBridge in the slide presentation below.

Farmer Tools

Users can create marketing plans that provide both break even and profit targets. Progress can be tracked with cash sales. Futures and options transactions, crop insurance and government payments.

Safe & Secure

GrainBridge uses bank-level data security. Your data is safe and secure so it’s always available to you when and where you need it.

GrainBridge Plannercalves eating hay

Create your own personal crop plan by whole-farm, farm entity or even field-by-field. Build plans for multiple crop years. Incorporate crop insurance, break even analysis and profit targets.

GrainBridge Manager

Monitor all the components of your risk management plan utilizing current market prices including cash sales, futures, options, government and insurance payments. Compare current average prices against your target price.

Ready to learn more?

Contact your local FCS Financial loan officer or crop insurance agent to become a registered user or complete this form online.